The Earthshot Prize Awards 2024: Cape Town Revealed as the Next Location

The Earthshot Prize Awards 2024: Cape Town Revealed as the Next Location

The Prince of Wales has announced that the Earthshot Prize Awards in 2024 will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. This news has sparked excitement and anticipation, as Africa holds a special place in the heart of Prince William. During his gap year in 2000, the Prince spent time traveling around the continent, engaging in conservation and wildlife projects. It was also in Africa that Prince William proposed to his then long-term girlfriend, Kate Middleton, during a holiday to Kenya in 2010. The Prince’s love for Africa has continued throughout the years, with several visits to countries such as Namibia, Tanzania, and Kenya. His last visit to Cape Town was in 2010 when he attended the World Cup in his role as President of the Football Association.

Hannah Jones, CEO of The Earthshot Prize, emphasizes the importance of the upcoming decade in tackling climate change and environmental preservation. By 2030, the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by over 40 percent and protect 30 percent of nature, oceans, and freshwater. The Earthshot Prize aims to celebrate and highlight the incredible innovation emerging across the African continent and bring attention to the courageous conversations about scale, finance, and sustainability. Additionally, the Prize is committed to partnering with young creators and filmmakers to share the inspiring stories of African changemakers.

The Earthshot Prize has received nearly 400 nominations for this year’s awards from Africa-based individuals and organizations. This showcases the trailblazing creativity and innovation that exists across the continent. These nominees have the potential to inspire optimism and provide pathways to transformative change not only in Africa but also around the world. One notable finalist from 2023 was ABALOBI, a non-profit partnership based in Cape Town that works to protect small-scale fishing communities while empowering consumers with better information about the origin of their seafood.

Prince William has been actively involved in the Earthshot Prize since its inception in 2020. He drew inspiration from former US President John F. Kennedy’s Moonshot project, which aimed to advance mankind’s achievements. The Prince’s commitment to the Prize has been unwavering, with his wife, Kate, joining him at the inaugural awards in London in 2021 and in Boston for the 2022 event. The Prince himself attended the third ceremony held in Singapore, where he was in the company of esteemed guests such as Hannah Waddingham and Cate Blanchett. William’s continued presence at these events demonstrates his dedication to environmental causes and his belief in the power of human ingenuity to create positive change.

With the announcement of Cape Town as the host city for the Earthshot Prize Awards in November 2024, a new chapter in the Prize’s story begins. Cape Town’s rich natural beauty and commitment to sustainability make it an ideal location for such a prestigious event. The ceremony will provide a platform to highlight the innovative projects and individuals driving change in Africa and beyond. As the world faces pressing environmental challenges, the Earthshot Prize continues to play a vital role in inspiring and recognizing those who are working towards a more sustainable future.

The selection of Cape Town as the next location for the Earthshot Prize Awards is a testament to Prince William’s deep connection to Africa and his belief in the continent’s potential to lead in environmental innovation. With Africa-based nominees at the forefront and an unwavering commitment from the Prince and the Prize’s organizers, the Earthshot Prize continues to inspire and facilitate transformative change on a global scale. The 2024 ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion where the world comes together to celebrate the efforts of individuals and organizations striving to create a better future for our planet.


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