The Exciting Arrival of Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s Second Child!

The Exciting Arrival of Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s Second Child!

Drew Scott and his wife, Linda Phan, have recently welcomed the newest addition to their family. This time, it’s a beautiful baby girl named Piper Rae. The couple shared the news on their Instagram, showcasing the tiny hands and feet of their precious daughter.

The arrival of Piper Rae has turned the Scott-Phan family from a trio into a quartet. This is the couple’s second child, with their firstborn being a 2-year-old son named Parker. The beaming parents expressed their love for their newborn daughter and shared their joy with their fans and followers.

While Drew and Linda have had two years of experience raising their son Parker, they admit that having a baby girl is a whole different journey. Drew mentions receiving mixed advice about being a “girl dad” but is excited to embrace whatever comes their way with Piper. He humorously shared the anecdote of Piper already peeing on him twice, a stark contrast to Parker’s cleanliness during diaper changes.

The couple’s announcement of expecting their second child came as a surprise to many, including themselves. After conceiving Parker through in vitro fertilization, Drew and Linda were shocked to find out that they were pregnant naturally this time around. The unexpected turn of events left them feeling grateful and overwhelmed with joy.

The Scott-Phan family has already introduced Piper to their loved ones, including Drew’s twin brother Jonathan and his fiancée Zooey Deschanel. The support and love from their extended family have added to the happiness and excitement of welcoming their baby girl into the world.

As Drew and Linda navigate the joys and challenges of raising two young children, they continue to cherish the miracle of parenthood. The journey of becoming a family of four has brought them closer together and filled their hearts with immense love and gratitude. The unexpected pregnancy of Piper has been a pleasant surprise, proving that miracles do happen when least expected.

The arrival of Piper Rae has added a new chapter to the Scott-Phan family’s story, filled with love, laughter, and the promise of beautiful memories ahead. Drew and Linda’s journey as parents of two is just beginning, and they are embracing every moment with open hearts and grateful spirits. Congratulations to the growing family, and may their days be filled with endless happiness and love.


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