The Exclusive World of Carbone Beach: A Culinary Extravaganza

The Exclusive World of Carbone Beach: A Culinary Extravaganza

Carbone Beach, an annual VIP dinner party on the sandy shores celebrating the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, is set to return in May. Major Food Group (MFG) co-founder Jeff Zalaznick prides himself on keeping the event highly curated and exclusive. With only 400 attendees granted access to each seating of the four-night extravaganza, the event boasts a $3,000 entry fee. Zalaznick emphasizes that the intimate size of the soirée adds to its appeal, creating a setting where guests feel truly immersed in the experience without being lost in a large crowd.

Over the years, Carbone Beach has attracted a who’s who of Hollywood and sports, with past attendees including LeBron James, Serena and Venus Williams, and Jeff Bezos. While Zalaznick keeps this year’s guest list under wraps, he hints at an impressive turnout that is sure to excite attendees. The event is known for its endless supply of top-notch cuisine, including spicy vodka rigatoni and caviar handrolls, paired with premium cocktails. Zalaznick promises that surprise entertainment acts will not disappoint, with past performers like Diana Ross and Wyclef Jean gracing the stage.

To maintain the exclusivity of the event, coordinators at Carbone Beach are stringent about screening attendees at the door. Zalaznick assures that party crashers will not be able to sneak past the velvet ropes, thanks to a robust security team in place. He jokes that the event is like the “Fort Knox of parties,” emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity and exclusivity of the evening.

MFG’s Zalaznick, Mario Carbone, and Rich Torrisi are gearing up for the third installment of American Express Presents Carbone Beach, set to take place from May 2 to 5. The highly anticipated event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for attendees, with tickets and tables available for reservation on As the legacy of Carbone Beach continues to grow, so does its reputation as a must-attend gathering for the elite and discerning individuals in the world of entertainment, sports, and high society.


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