The Fashion and Beauty Secrets of Dorinda Medley

The Fashion and Beauty Secrets of Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley, the beloved Bravoleb, has proven time and time again that she knows how to “make it nice” even in the stickiest of situations. On “Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy,” she showcased her fashion tape prowess, declaring that this seamless styling solution can truly “change your life.”

When it comes to her signature fashion hack, Medley swears by B-Six Nippies Tape. According to Page Six Style, this $23 tape is what the reality star reaches for to keep everything in place. Medley herself has sung its praises, stating that it is “the best tape you’ll ever find.” She always has it on hand, even keeping it in her kitchen at all times. It’s the ultimate solution for any wardrobe mishap.

While Medley relies on fashion tape to keep her outfits looking flawless, she turns to something stronger when it comes to beauty blunders. Clorox 2 For Colors Stain Remover is her go-to for tackling tough stains and keeping her clothing looking pristine. She is “very impressed” with its effectiveness and reaches for it whenever makeup mishaps occur.

On one memorable occasion during a reunion show, Medley used her fashion tape to secure Sonja Morgan’s swimsuit, leaving Morgan feeling like she had just undergone a costly surgery. The ability of this tape to pull everything together and create a flawless look is truly remarkable, as evidenced by Morgan’s reaction.

As the unofficial matriarch of “RHONY” cast trips, Medley has suggested sending the new apple-holders to her home, Blue Stone Manor, for a night to see how they fare. This iconic location has been the backdrop for many memorable moments on the show, and Medley’s suggestion indicates her desire to uphold the tradition with the newest members of the cast.

Dorinda Medley’s fashion and beauty secrets are truly game-changers. From her trusted fashion tape to her favorite stain remover, she knows how to navigate any situation with style and grace. With her expertise and flair for the fabulous, it’s no wonder she remains a fan favorite among “RHONY” viewers.


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