The Fashion Secrets of Jessel Taank for Real Housewives of New York Season 15

The Fashion Secrets of Jessel Taank for Real Housewives of New York Season 15

Jessel Taank is getting ready for another stylish season as shooting for “Real Housewives of New York” Season 15 has kicked off once again. With her favorite fashion fixes in hand, Taank is prepared to showcase her new looks as the cameras start rolling.

As a mother of twins, Taank acknowledges the changes in her body post-pregnancy. She humorously mentions how her body, especially her boobs, has undergone a dramatic transformation after having kids. She reminisces about being able to go braless effortlessly before her twins were born. Now, she opts for the Nood Game Changer Adhesive Bras ($49) that she discovered while perusing Shopbop as a new mom. Taank raves about how these adhesive bras provide lift and a seamless look, giving her the support she needs while allowing her to wear any outfit with confidence. She praises the bras for shaping her in ways regular bras couldn’t.

Taank hints at the evolution of her style, hinting that it has changed for the better since her debut season on Bravo. She attributes part of this style transformation to her e-commerce platform, Ōushq, where she explores new fashion trends and curates collections from various South Asian designers. Taank reveals that she has moved away from denim and more casual filming outfits, opting for a more polished and put-together look. Despite the occasion, Taank strives to maintain a well-dressed appearance at all times.

When seeking fashion advice, Taank leans towards Jenna Lyons and Ubah Hassan for their input. Lyons, a former J.Crew executive, is known for her strong opinions on style, making her a go-to for Taank. Additionally, Taank emphasizes the pressure the cast feels in representing New York City, a fashion-forward city, and how they aim to uphold the city’s reputation for style on the show.

Jessel Taank’s fashion secrets for Season 15 of “Real Housewives of New York” involve embracing her post-kids body changes, experimenting with new fashion trends, and seeking advice from trusted style mavens. Taank’s journey towards refining her style reflects her commitment to looking polished and well-dressed, setting the stage for a chic and fashion-forward season ahead.


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