The Feud Between Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump at the Oscars

The Feud Between Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump at the Oscars

During the 96th edition of the Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel took a direct jab at Donald Trump. As the host of the evening, Kimmel used the platform to make his feelings towards Trump known. Trump, not one to stay silent, quickly responded by calling Jimmy the “WORST HOST” in history and criticizing his opening monologue.

Following Kimmel’s remarks, Trump took to social media to express his displeasure. He suggested that the Academy should “get rid” of Jimmy and possibly replace him with “another cheap talent from ABC, George Slopanopoulos”. It was evident that Trump was referencing the ABC News political commentator George Stephanopoulos. Trump even went as far as to claim that the television host would make everyone at the Oscars look “bigger, stronger, and more glamorous”.

Not one to back down, Jimmy Kimmel continued to poke fun at Trump. He pulled out his cell phone on stage and proceeded to read out Trump’s posts to the entire audience. Jimmy highlighted the obvious connection, stating, “Let’s see if you can guess which former president just posted that on Truth Social.” He then followed up with a punchline, “Thank you, President Trump. Thank you for watching. I’m surprised… hasn’t your time in jail passed already?” The audience erupted in laughter at Jimmy’s joke, mocking Trump’s four criminal charges.

As Trump and the current President Joe Biden gear up for the 2024 White House race, the tension between the two continues to escalate. Hollywood is now being dragged into the political drama, as public figures take sides and fuel the feud. The feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump serves as a microcosm of the larger political landscape, where entertainment and politics intersect in unpredictable ways.


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