The Hollywood Backlash Against Biden’s Presidential Debate Performance

The Hollywood Backlash Against Biden’s Presidential Debate Performance

Following the recent presidential debate, many big names in Hollywood were quick to express their disappointment in President Joe Biden’s performance. Barbra Streisand, a well-known Democrat, criticized the moderators for allowing Donald Trump to deflect and change the subject at will, labeling the proceedings as unfair. Fellow Democrat John Cusack also weighed in, highlighting Trump’s behavior and accusing CNN of failing to uphold their journalistic responsibilities.

In addition to Streisand and Cusack, other celebrities such as Bette Midler, Jesse Williams, Mark Hamill, and Jeri Ryan took aim at both Trump and the moderators. While they were critical of the former president, they did not necessarily endorse Biden’s performance either. The overall sentiment from these Hollywood stars was one of frustration and disillusionment.

Despite the backlash against Biden, there were also voices in Hollywood that praised Trump’s performance at the debate. Roseanne Barr, known for her conservative views, refrained from making jokes and expressed sadness over Biden’s lackluster showing. Similarly, Caitlyn Jenner criticized Biden for what she perceived as a decline in mental acuity and a failure to lead effectively.

Criticism and Jokes Circulate

Comedian Jamie Kennedy added to the discourse by making jokes about Biden’s mental sharpness, mocking his ability to handle everyday tasks. The widespread criticism of Biden’s debate performance was fueled by his incoherent answers, hoarse voice, and moments of confusion on stage. CNN polling indicated that a majority believed Trump outshined Biden during the debate, further heightening the scrutiny on the current president.

In the lead-up to the upcoming election, the Hollywood community’s reaction to Biden’s performance has highlighted the growing concerns about his ability to lead effectively. With only four months left until the election, the spotlight on Biden’s shortcomings is intensifying, leaving many wondering about the implications for the future of the country.


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