The Journey of Drew Carey: Triumph Over Mental Health Struggles

The Journey of Drew Carey: Triumph Over Mental Health Struggles

Drew Carey, the beloved host of “The Price Is Right,” recently opened up about his darkest days. In a candid interview on Max’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?,” the 65-year-old comedian shared his experiences of attempting suicide when he was just 18 and in his early 20s. Reflecting on those turbulent times, Carey hypothesized that these desperate acts were cries for help. He vividly recalls feeling anger, surrounded by people enjoying life while he was engulfed in sadness. The weight of his existence pushed him to ask, “Who’s gonna miss me?”

Despite having come a long way since then, Carey admits that he still battles thoughts of insignificance and contemplates the notion of a lonely death. The thought of not having a traditional funeral or preserving his mementos no longer holds importance for him. This window into Carey’s mind highlights the lingering impact that mental health struggles can have on individuals, even after achieving success.

Widely known for his sense of humor, Drew Carey has been vocal about his journey through depression. In a 2007 interview, he candidly discussed his prolonged battle with the condition. However, he found solace in believing in himself, setting goals, and immersing himself in self-help literature. The knowledge gained from these books became pillars of support that helped him navigate the roughest patches in his mental health journey. While his journey towards personal growth continues, Carey notes that he now emerges stronger, happier, and resilient from these trials.

The Power of Success

Fame has undeniably had a transformative effect on Drew Carey. It brought about a shift in perspective, enabling him to detach himself from personal attacks and negative criticism. Previously, Carey would internalize every harsh review, questioning his worth. However, success taught him the art of resilience and the ability to rise above such negativity. He has cultivated a new mindset, one that acknowledges the transient nature of opinions. Carey has learned not to internalize the criticisms and instead focuses on his personal growth and the joy he brings to his audience.

Drew Carey’s resilience serves as an inspiration to many who battle their own mental health demons. His openness about his struggles and his commitment to personal growth resonates deeply with those who face similar challenges. By sharing his journey, Carey offers solace and encouragement to others to seek help, learn self-acceptance, and find strength within their vulnerabilities. Through his story, he showcases the power of perseverance and the ability to triumph over adversity.

Drew Carey’s life story serves as a reminder that mental health struggles know no boundaries. Despite the darkness that once clouded his existence, Carey has emerged as a symbol of hope. His journey teaches us the importance of seeking help, believing in oneself, and embracing personal growth. By sharing his story, Carey has undoubtedly inspired countless individuals to confront their inner demons and emerge victorious in the battle for mental well-being.


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