The Legal Win of James Dolan in California Federal Court

The Legal Win of James Dolan in California Federal Court

In a recent development, James Dolan, the head of Madison Square Garden, has successfully had claims against him dismissed in a California federal court. The claims were brought forth by Kellye Croft, who alleged that she was pressured into a sexual encounter while working as a masseuse during a 2013 tour involving the Eagles and Dolan’s band, JD & the Straight Shot. The court documents revealed that the judge ruled to dismiss the claims without prejudice, providing Croft with the opportunity to file an amended complaint by July 8.

Following the dismissal of the claims, a spokesperson for James Dolan stated that the Federal Court in Los Angeles had found no merit in any of the allegations made against him. The spokesperson further commented that the legal action taken by Croft’s attorney, Doug Wigdor, was part of a vendetta against Mr. Dolan and Madison Square Garden. The response from Dolan’s camp indicates a strong stance in refuting the allegations brought against him.

This recent legal win for James Dolan highlights the ongoing legal battles between Doug Wigdor and Madison Square Garden. The law firm associated with Wigdor had previously brought a case against Dolan and MSG on behalf of former Knick Charles Oakley. The case stemmed from Oakley’s ejection from the arena in 2017, which led to a series of legal disputes between the parties involved. Despite initial dismissals by a Manhattan judge in 2020 and 2021, Oakley’s lawsuit was later revived by an appeals court in 2023, underscoring the contentious nature of these legal confrontations.

The legal win of James Dolan in the California federal court serves as a significant victory in the ongoing legal disputes surrounding him and Madison Square Garden. The dismissal of claims brought against him by Kellye Croft is a testament to the effectiveness of his legal defense team in refuting the allegations. As the case progresses, it remains to be seen how the legal battle between Dolan, Wigdor, and other parties will unfold in the future.


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