The Love Life of Sofia Vergara: From Divorce to New Relationship

The Love Life of Sofia Vergara: From Divorce to New Relationship

Sofía Vergara recently took to Instagram Stories to express her affection for her new beau, Dr. Justin Saliman. The 51-year-old actress thanked the orthopedic surgeon and even made a quirky comment about him being a handsome doctor who stayed with her after her knee surgery. This public display of admiration shows that Vergara is not shy about sharing her personal life with her fans.

While Sofia Vergara openly shared about her knee surgery and her gratitude towards Dr. Saliman, the reason for the surgery remains unknown. Despite her openness on social media, her representatives have not provided any additional information about the procedure. This air of mystery adds an intriguing element to Vergara’s recent health situation.

Last July, Sofia Vergara and her ex-husband Joe Manganiello announced their divorce after seven years of marriage. The decision was described as difficult, and the couple requested privacy as they navigated this new phase of their lives. Reports suggested that they had been growing apart for some time before making the final decision to separate.

In October, Sofia Vergara went public with her relationship with Dr. Justin Saliman. Their romance blossomed shortly after the end of her marriage to Joe Manganiello. Saliman, who was previously married to actress Bree Turner, has two children from his past relationship. Despite the challenges of starting a new relationship, Vergara seems to have found happiness with Saliman.

Reflecting on her divorce, Sofia Vergara spoke candidly about the role of age in her marriage. She mentioned that her ex-husband’s desire to have children was a factor in their separation, as she did not want to become an older mother. This insight into her personal life sheds light on the complexities of relationships and how differing priorities can lead to significant life changes.

Both Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have moved on since finalizing their divorce. Manganiello is now in a relationship with Caitlin O’Connor, while Vergara has found love with Dr. Justin Saliman. Despite the challenges of divorce and starting over, both parties seem to be embracing new opportunities for happiness and growth in their respective relationships.

Sofia Vergara’s journey from divorce to a new relationship with Dr. Justin Saliman highlights the complexities of love and personal growth. Through her public expressions of affection and candid reflections on her past marriage, Vergara provides valuable insights into the challenges and joys of navigating relationships in the public eye.


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