The Potential Rise of Kamala Harris in the 2024 Presidential Race

The Potential Rise of Kamala Harris in the 2024 Presidential Race

Recently, there has been a noticeable shift within the Democratic party towards considering Kamala Harris as the top choice to replace Joe Biden if he bows out of the presidential race. This change has come about due to the aftermath of Biden’s disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump on June 27th. Many Democrats are starting to see Kamala as the path forward, as she is currently the Vice President and holds a strong position in the party.

On the other hand, Donald Trump sees the potential of facing Kamala Harris in the presidential race as a victory for himself. His campaign spokesperson, Karoline Leavitt, pointed out that in some head-to-head polls, Trump performs better against Harris than against Biden. This has led Trump to believe that he would have a stronger chance of winning against Harris in the election.

Former Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan has been vocal about his support for Kamala Harris. He believes that Harris can bring in fresh enthusiasm and bolster support from minorities, which would shift the dynamic of the race back in favor of the Democrats. Ryan has been in discussions with various members of Congress, Senate offices, and key players in the Democratic party, all of whom see Kamala as a unifying force for the party.

Ryan also mentioned that Joe Biden may make the decision to withdraw from the race in order to pave the way for a younger generation of Democratic leaders, with Kamala Harris at the forefront. He emphasized Biden’s long history of serving the country and doing what is right, hinting that Biden may step aside for the greater good of the party.

There are also financial considerations at play, as Biden’s fundraising efforts have been focused on the Biden/Harris campaign. If Biden were to step down and another candidate were to take his place, there are questions about whether the funds raised would be available for the new candidate. This aligns with Ryan’s assertion that Kamala would inherit Biden’s war chest and campaign infrastructure if she were to become the Democratic nominee.

The landscape of the 2024 presidential race may see a significant shift if Joe Biden were to step down and make way for Kamala Harris. While there are differing opinions on the potential outcome of a race between Trump and Harris, there is a growing sense of support within the Democratic party for Harris to take the lead. Only time will tell how this scenario unfolds and what impact it will have on the upcoming election.


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