The Prince and Princess of Wales Celebrate St David’s Day

The Prince and Princess of Wales Celebrate St David’s Day

The Prince and Princess of Wales recently extended their well wishes to those celebrating St David’s Day. The royal couple, who are Patrons of both the Welsh Guards and the Queen’s Dragoon Guards, took to social media to convey their message in both English and Welsh. This rare message was shared by Kensington Palace on a platform formerly known as Twitter.

Following wild conspiracy theories circulating on social media regarding the Princess of Wales’s health, Kensington Palace has finally addressed the issue. A spokesperson for Kate reiterated that the Princess of Wales will be out of the public eye until after Easter. Updates on her health will only be provided if there are any significant developments.

During last year’s St David’s Day parade, Prince William participated by presenting leeks to the Officers and Guardsmen, a traditional part of the day. As the Colonel of the Welsh Guards since December 2022, it was his first time marking this occasion in this role. The parade culminated in a march-past where His Royal Highness took the Royal Salute.

In his address to the Welsh Guards, Prince William expressed his honor and delight in being the new Colonel. He paid tribute to his father, the previous Prince of Wales, acknowledging his father’s pride and admiration for the guards. Reflecting on his own experiences with the Welsh Guards, particularly during his time in the Sniper Platoon in Salisbury Plain and in the Jungles of Belize, Prince William emphasized the camaraderie and togetherness that got him through challenging times.

William shared a personal anecdote about receiving his A-Level results over the Bowman Radio in Belize, highlighting the support and banter of the Welsh Guards that helped him navigate through tough situations. These shared experiences have made Wales a special place for both Prince William and Kate, who hold the country close to their hearts.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s gesture on St David’s Day signifies their ongoing support and appreciation for the Welsh Guards and the traditions associated with this special day. Their involvement in celebrating Welsh culture and heritage further strengthens the bond between the royal family and the people of Wales.


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