The Queen’s Tap Dance Challenge: A Royal Journey Into Rhythm

The Queen’s Tap Dance Challenge: A Royal Journey Into Rhythm

The Queen recently expressed her fascination with tap dancing as she was presented with a pair of steel-shod shoes by Strictly Come Dancing star Johannes Radebe. Camilla, known for her enthusiasm for the arts, showed great delight as she watched Radebe and Love Island star Tasha Ghouri coaching Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) staff and volunteers on the dance floor.

During her visit to Meadows Community Centre in Cambridge, where she serves as the president of the RVS, Camilla toured the facility and enjoyed a performance by Radebe and Ghouri. Enthralled by their moves, the Queen couldn’t help but express her desire to embark on a tap dancing journey in her later years: “I would love to do it because I’ve always wanted to tap dance. So in my dotage perhaps it’s something I could take up.”

As the demonstration continued, the Queen watched the session from a few feet away and couldn’t hide her regret for not joining in the fun: “Very nice, I’m sorry I’m not cha-cha-cha-ing.” Johannes Radebe, recognizing her presence, later shared his excitement: “I’m so beside myself that you watch Strictly Come Dancing.” To which the Queen proudly responded, “I’m one of Strictly’s greatest fans.”

Isabelle Casey from HELLO!, who is well-versed in tap dancing, describes it as one of the most enjoyable dance styles to partake in. Unlike ballet, which the Queen has been familiar with through her Silver Swans ballet classes at the Royal Academy of Dance, tap offers a sense of freedom in the body. However, it also demands concentration due to its intricate steps and rhythmic challenges. These elements are what make the style both brilliant and rewarding to learn, as it improves memory and musicality. Therefore, at the age of 76, it would be an excellent hobby for Her Majesty to take on. In no time, she could be tapping away like the legendary Ginger Rogers!

The Queen herself has expressed her belief in the power of dance as a form of exercise. Isabelle Casey adds that dancing, in general, is beneficial for individuals of all ages. It improves posture, flexibility, core strength, focus, and memory. Furthermore, the endorphins released from the completion of a challenging routine or phrase can contribute to a sense of joy and accomplishment.

The Queen’s newfound interest in tap dancing showcases her adventurous spirit and willingness to explore new hobbies. With her dedication to Silver Swans and her affinity for Strictly Come Dancing, it is evident that dance holds a special place in her heart. As she contemplates the idea of tap dancing, it is certain that Her Majesty will approach this exciting venture with elegance and grace, just as she does with all her royal duties.


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