The Real Housewives Alum Dorinda Medley Speaks Out

The Real Housewives Alum Dorinda Medley Speaks Out

Former “Real Housewives of New York” star, Dorinda Medley, recently shared her exclusive guest list for her grand Bluestone Manor. During a live taping event in New York City, Medley made it clear that those who have been critical or mean about her home would not be receiving an invite anytime soon. She specifically mentioned two names from the “Real Housewives” franchise – Vicki Gunvalson and Jill Zarin, who she does not want to return to her estate.

The rift between Medley and Gunvalson started when the latter openly criticized Bluestone Manor after a group trip filmed there. Gunvalson expressed her disinterest in returning to the estate, claiming she would be bored out of her mind with nothing to do. This led to a public spat between the two, with Medley questioning Gunvalson’s taste level and manners. Despite being a guest in her home, Gunvalson’s comments did not sit well with Medley, who defended her property’s appearance in Architectural Digest.

On the same trip, tensions rose between Medley and Jill Zarin, with both women trading insults behind each other’s backs. Medley referred to Zarin as “salacious” and hinted at a possible drinking problem, while Zarin called her a “bitch”. Their animosity has been brewing for years, with Medley labeling Zarin a “lapdog” and criticizing her attempts to secure a spot on another reality TV show. These exchanges have solidified their exclusion from any future events at Bluestone Manor.

Despite the conflicts and drama surrounding her home, Medley remains open to welcoming other guests at Bluestone Manor. She expressed a desire to host notable figures like the singer Rihanna, emphasizing a preference for “really great artists.” Medley’s stance on who is allowed into her estate reflects her commitment to protecting her home and personal space from negativity and discord.

Dorinda Medley’s decision to limit her guest list at Bluestone Manor sends a clear message that she values respect and appreciation for her home. Her clashes with former co-stars highlight the challenges of maintaining relationships in the competitive world of reality TV. Moving forward, Medley’s focus on positive interactions and creating a welcoming environment for those who share her values will shape the future of her social circle.


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