The Rise of Kayla Harrison in the UFC: A Legend in the Making

The Rise of Kayla Harrison in the UFC: A Legend in the Making

The MMA world is abuzz with excitement as 33-year-old Kayla Harrison makes her debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Harrison, a 2x Olympic gold medalist and 2x PFL (Professional Fighters League) champion, is set to face off against the legendary 42-year-old Holly Holm on the highly anticipated UFC 300 card on April 13. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Harrison shared her thoughts on signing with the UFC, her upcoming fight, and her aspirations in the sport.

Harrison expressed her excitement about joining the UFC, stating that everything is falling into place at the right time and with the right people. Moving from the PFL to Dana White’s promotion is a significant move for Harrison, as it provides her with the opportunity to showcase her skills on a larger stage. With a stellar track record, Harrison is eager to prove herself further on the grandest stage of MMA.

While many fighters struggle to make weight, Harrison debunks the misconception that she walks around at a significantly higher weight than her fighting weight. She states that she fought at 155 lbs. and typically entered the cage at around 160 lbs. Harrison is now preparing to compete in the bantamweight division, and she acknowledges that the process of cutting weight won’t be enjoyable. However, she sees it as a necessary sacrifice to compete against bigger opponents and showcase her dominance as a bigger, faster, stronger, and more experienced fighter.

The matchup between Kayla Harrison and Holly Holm is generating immense excitement. Holm, a renowned striker and former UFC bantamweight champion, presents a significant challenge for Harrison. Recognizing Holm’s status as a legend in the sport, Harrison is filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for the fight. It is the sort of high-stakes clash that motivates her, and she is ready to bring her A-game to the octagon.

Dreaming big, Harrison has always aimed to be the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Currently, that title belongs to Amanda Nunes, another formidable fighter in the UFC. Acknowledging Nunes’s greatness, Harrison expresses her desire to fight her in the future. She emphasizes that viewing Nunes as the GOAT is the highest compliment she can give her, as she wants to test herself against the best. With a hunger for personal growth and a lot to prove, Harrison is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to push her limits and see what she is truly made of when facing Nunes.

While Nunes’s retirement status remains uncertain, Harrison’s immediate focus is on her upcoming fight against Holm. As the saying goes, first things first. Harrison understands the challenge that lies before her and is fully committed to her preparation. With her work boots on, she remains humble yet hungry, ready to leave her mark in the octagon.

Kayla Harrison’s journey from the PFL to the UFC marks a significant milestone in her career. With her talent, determination, and hunger for greatness, she is undoubtedly a rising star in the sport. As she prepares to face Holly Holm on the UFC 300 card, all eyes will be on Harrison as she takes another step towards achieving her goal of becoming the GOAT. The future is bright for this remarkable athlete, and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing her continued rise in the fiercely competitive world of mixed martial arts.


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