The Royal Family’s Approach to Technology and Screen Time

The Royal Family’s Approach to Technology and Screen Time

The most recent update from the Prince and Princess of Wales on Instagram gave us a glimpse of a more relatable side of Prince William. The future king was seen traveling on a train to Cardiff with his personalized folder of notes and his iPhone on the tray table in front of him. This rare snap of Prince William’s personal items reminds us that even royalty has everyday activities like commuting on public transportation.

It is interesting to see how the rules around the royals and technology have shifted over the years. While they are rarely seen with their phones during official engagements, they have been spotted using them in more casual settings or major events. Prince William has been vocal about the importance of monitoring screen time, especially for children. During a visit to BAFTA’s headquarters, he discussed the need to regulate gaming and screen time for his children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. It is clear that even the royal family faces the challenges of balancing technology in their lives.

Prince William’s Interaction with Youth

During his visit to a youth center in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, Prince William had a conversation with a girl who mentioned spending 15 hours a day on her phone. His response, “That’s quite a lot – I bet you feel better coming here,” shows his concern for excessive screen time among young people. He also emphasized that adults are also guilty of spending too much time on their phones and need to do better. This interaction highlights Prince William’s down-to-earth approach and genuine interest in the well-being of others.

During his visit to Cardiff, Prince William showcased his sense of humor when he joked about his famous “Harry Potter” scar. While learning about the uses of seaweed in various businesses, he came across a seaweed-made golf tee that reminded him of a past golfing accident. This lighthearted moment with Pierre Paslier, co-founder of Notpla, added a touch of comedy to the royal visit. It humanized Prince William and showed his ability to connect with people through shared experiences and humor.

The approach of the royal family towards technology and screen time serves as a valuable lesson for all. It is essential to find a balance between using technology for convenience and entertainment, and not letting it consume our lives. Prince William’s candid discussions about monitoring screen time for children and being mindful of phone usage reflect the challenges faced by families worldwide. By being open and relatable about these issues, the royal family sets a positive example for others to follow.

The recent Instagram post by the Prince and Princess of Wales not only provided a rare glimpse into Prince William’s personal life but also sparked discussions about technology and screen time. The royal family’s approach to these issues highlights the importance of finding a balance and being mindful of our usage. It serves as a reminder that even those in the public eye face similar challenges and strive to navigate them with grace and humor.


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