The Significance of Paris Hilton’s Daughter’s Middle Name

The Significance of Paris Hilton’s Daughter’s Middle Name

Paris Hilton recently revealed the reasoning behind choosing the middle name Marilyn for her daughter, London. This decision was made as a way to honor her grandmother, Marilyn J. Hilton. In a podcast episode of “I Am Paris,” Paris expressed how she found the name Marilyn to be beautiful and wanted to pay tribute to her grandmother with it. Additionally, she shared that her son, Phoenix, received his middle name, Barron, from her late grandfather Barron Hilton, showing a pattern of choosing meaningful names for her children.

Marilyn and Barron Hilton were married in 1947 and had eight children, including Paris’ father, Rick Hilton. Their enduring marriage lasted until Marilyn’s passing in 2004, followed by Barron’s death in 2019. Paris emphasized the significance of honoring her grandparents through her children’s names, illustrating the deep connection she feels towards her family history.

Personal Connection to Names

Paris explained that the name London held special meaning for her since childhood, as she had always dreamed of having a daughter named after one of her favorite cities. She described the combination of Paris and London as cute and unique, highlighting the beauty she sees in her daughter’s name. Furthermore, Paris shared the magical significance of London being born on November 11, a date that holds personal importance to her due to her marriage to Carter Reum and her media company, both affiliated with the number 11.

The proud mother noted similarities between her daughter London and her sister Nicky Hilton, describing London as serious and sweet like Nicky. Paris reflected on family resemblances, noting how Phoenix resembles her while London bears a resemblance to her sister. These observations show the close bond Paris shares with her children and the joy she finds in seeing glimpses of her family reflected in them.

In a recent Instagram post, Paris shared photos of London’s face for the first time, expressing gratitude for her daughter’s presence in her life. She emphasized the profound love she feels for both her children and the joy they bring her as a mother. Despite facing backlash from online critics, Paris remains focused on cherishing her role as a mother and celebrating the love she shares with her family.

Overall, Paris Hilton’s thoughtful approach to naming her children demonstrates the importance of honoring family legacies and personal connections. By choosing meaningful names and celebrating the unique qualities of each child, Paris highlights the deep love and appreciation she holds for her family. Through her words and actions, Paris exemplifies the beauty of motherhood and the joy that comes from creating lasting bonds with her children.


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