The Strength of Gratitude: Kate Garraway’s Journey with Long Covid

The Strength of Gratitude: Kate Garraway’s Journey with Long Covid

Kate Garraway, a well-known face on Good Morning Britain, recently received recognition for her broadcasting work at the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards. During her acceptance speech, she expressed her deep gratitude towards her colleagues and friends who have been her pillars of support during the toughest times she faced in the aftermath of her late husband Derek Draper’s battle with long Covid.

Recalling the moment when Derek first fell ill in 2020, Kate shared how her life took an unexpected turn. Suddenly, she found herself in the spotlight, with people eager to hear Derek’s story and her journey as a caregiver. This experience touched a chord with many, leading Kate to feel a sense of responsibility towards those who resonated with their story.

As Kate marked the 10-year anniversary of her tenure at Global and Good Morning Britain, she reflected on the challenging times that had shaped her path. She emphasized the significance of finding moments of goodness in the midst of adversity. Kate acknowledged the unwavering support of her colleagues, who not only helped her maintain a professional demeanor on air but also provided the emotional backing needed to navigate through turbulent times.

A Special Mention

In her speech, Kate specifically mentioned her former co-star Ben Shephard, highlighting his extraordinary presence by her side for the past 24 years. She expressed her appreciation for his unwavering support and the role he played in helping her navigate through the darkest moments of her life. Kate also recognized the broader industry colleagues who stood by her during her struggles and acknowledged the impact of their presence in keeping her spirits high.

As Kate concluded her speech, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the recognition she received, emphasizing how much it meant to her. Despite the hardships and loss she faced, Kate found solace in the support and kindness of those around her. Her journey with Derek’s battle with long Covid has not only been a personal one but also a testament to the resilience and strength that can emerge from facing adversities with gratitude and grace.

Kate’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the power of resilience, gratitude, and the unwavering support of loved ones during challenging times. As she continues to navigate life after Derek’s passing, Kate’s journey stands as a testament to the human spirit’s ability to find light in the darkest of moments. Through her words and actions, Kate Garraway inspires others to embrace gratitude, resilience, and the strength that comes from leaning on those who stand by us in times of need.


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