The Supportive Partner: Eva Mendes Backstage at the Oscars

The Supportive Partner: Eva Mendes Backstage at the Oscars

Despite her early announcement that she would not be attending any red carpets with her partner Ryan Gosling during awards season, Eva Mendes showed her support in a different way. The actress, aged 50, took to Instagram to share that she was with Ryan backstage at the rehearsals for the 96th Academy Awards. She posted pictures of herself outside his dressing room as he prepared for the big night, choosing to eschew the glitz and glam of the red carpet to support her “man” behind the scenes.

Ryan’s performance in the film “Barbie” has garnered him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars this year. He plays the character Ken, described as “scene-stealing” in the year’s highest-grossing movie. Additionally, Ryan will be performing his signature power ballad “I’m Just Ken” at the ceremony, which is also nominated for Best Original Song. Despite their long-standing relationship and two daughters together, Eva and Ryan have only made one red carpet appearance together in the past, at the premiere of “The Place Beyond the Pines” in 2012.

In response to a fan’s comment on social media expressing a desire to see Eva with Ryan during awards season, Eva clarified that they do not attend such events together. She explained that her comfort in posting photos on social media is due to the fact that certain aspects of their relationship are already public knowledge. Ryan has been seen attending various premieres and award ceremonies for “Barbie” solo, occasionally skipping the red carpet to make a direct appearance at the ceremony.

While Ryan initially appeared hesitant about performing the song at the Oscars, his co-star and producer Margot Robbie revealed that he was actually enthusiastic about the opportunity. Margot expressed her confidence in Ryan’s performance, stating that he would undoubtedly excel and be a highlight of the night. Ryan himself mentioned earlier in the year that the Academy had not yet approached him about performing, expressing his openness to the idea despite the perceived risk.

Eva Mendes’ support for Ryan Gosling behind the scenes at the Oscars is a testament to their relationship and mutual respect for each other’s careers. Despite their decision not to attend red carpet events together, their bond and support for each other remain evident. Ryan’s nomination and anticipated performance at the Oscars further highlight his talent and dedication to his craft. As fans eagerly await the outcome of the awards ceremony, the support and love between Eva and Ryan continue to shine through in their actions and words.


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