The Traffic Nightmare Caused by President Biden’s Lunch in Los Angeles

The Traffic Nightmare Caused by President Biden’s Lunch in Los Angeles

President Biden recently had lunch with his wife and son at a popular spot for celebrities in Los Angeles, causing a nightmare of traffic for some drivers. The lunch took place at The Ivy in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon, and the Secret Service had to close streets due to its central location. This article will delve into the impact of President Biden’s lunch on traffic and the reactions of the public.

One of the main consequences of President Biden’s lunch at The Ivy was the closure of surrounding streets by the Secret Service. Photos obtained by TMZ show police officers lining up on Robertson Boulevard, using yellow caution tape to block off the area. As a result, no cars were allowed on the street, causing inconvenience for drivers trying to navigate the area.

Despite the traffic nightmare outside, inside The Ivy, a heartwarming scene unfolded. TMZ obtained a video of President Biden’s son, Hunter, giving his stepmother, Dr. Jill Biden, a warm embrace as she entered the restaurant. The Secret Service agents remained vigilant, ensuring the safety of the first family. Interestingly, the agents allowed other diners to finish their meals without disturbance, and some even managed to capture photos of the first family from inside the restaurant.

The presence of President Biden at The Ivy attracted significant public attention. The restaurant’s central location meant that curious onlookers gathered nearby, trying to catch a glimpse of the president and his family. In fact, The Henry, a restaurant across the street, was still filled with customers who were keen on witnessing the high-profile visit. This public curiosity highlights the impact and interest generated by President Biden’s presence in Los Angeles.

While it remains unclear how long the Bidens dined at The Ivy, a photograph captured President Biden heading towards his car, appearing content after the meal. The president’s visit to Los Angeles is presumed to be a brief one, likely to raise funds for his upcoming campaign for the next elections. Many anticipate a fierce competition between President Biden and former President Donald Trump. However, at the moment, President Biden’s approval rating is relatively low, while Trump continues to gain popularity among Republicans, with Nikki Haley emerging as a potential challenger for the party’s presidential nomination.

As President Biden experiences this traffic nightmare during his visit to Los Angeles, it serves as a reminder of his potential vulnerabilities in the upcoming elections. Every vote counts, and the president must hope that voters will not resent the inconvenience caused by the extensive security measures during his lunch.


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