The Truth Behind the Alleged Romance Between Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assaf

The Truth Behind the Alleged Romance Between Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assaf

Recently, there have been rumors circulating about a romance between Aoki Lee Simmons and Serafina founder Vittorio Assaf. Reports suggest that Kimora Lee Simmons, Aoki’s mother, was furious about the relationship due to the significant age gap between the two. However, it has been clarified that the supposed romance was nothing more than a short-lived fling.

Despite Aoki referring to Assaf as her “boyfriend” on several occasions during their vacation in St. Barts, sources close to her have confirmed that the relationship is over. The confusion arose when exclusive pictures of the pair kissing on the beach surfaced, prompting Aoki to deny any romantic involvement with Assaf. This back-and-forth has left many questioning the nature of their connection.

Known for his charm and penchant for younger, beautiful women, Vittorio Assaf has a reputation that precedes him. Sources have described him as an “older man with little boy charm,” indicating his ability to attract women despite his age. Speculation about his romantic encounters with much younger women continues to intrigue those familiar with his flashy and glamorous lifestyle.

Interestingly, Aoki’s father, music mogul Russell Simmons, seems unfazed by his daughter’s dating choices. In a statement to TMZ, Russell Simmons expressed his support for Aoki and her decisions, emphasizing the importance of offering advice and unconditional love. Despite any concerns raised by external sources, the Simmons family appears to maintain a united front in the face of public scrutiny.

While Aoki has been portrayed as materialistic in some reports, those close to her have refuted these claims. Descriptions of her desire for luxury items like Bulgari and Cartier have been dismissed as “absurd,” with insiders painting a picture of Aoki as a down-to-earth individual who values substance over style. Her focus on academia and intellectual pursuits, exemplified by her attendance at the Columbia Law School’s Barristers’ Ball, speaks volumes about her true interests and priorities.


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