The Unexpected Realities of Royal Life for Meghan Markle

The Unexpected Realities of Royal Life for Meghan Markle

The highly publicized and fairy tale-like wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales captivated the world in 2011, leaving over two billion people spellbound as they watched Prince William exchange vows with his teenage sweetheart. Amidst the joyous celebrations that followed, Meghan Markle, who had not yet crossed paths with her future husband, Prince Harry, expressed some controversial views on the royal wedding in an article on her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig. The Duchess of Sussex candidly reflected on the fascination surrounding Princess Kate following her marriage to Prince William, revealing her preference for a different type of princess from her childhood – She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Meghan Markle’s previous musings on the royal family and princesses, captured in her blog post, showcased a stark contrast to her future reality as a member of the British monarchy. Little did she know that she would one day become intertwined in the very “pomp and circumstance” she had critiqued. In a revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan disclosed her initial naivety upon entering the royal family and her lack of knowledge about the institution. This admission shed light on her abrupt immersion into royal protocols, including the unexpected practice of curtseying, which she had to hastily learn before meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

Reflecting on her experience of meeting Queen Elizabeth II for the first time at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, Meghan expressed her bewilderment at the customs and traditions she was expected to follow. Harry & Meghan’s Netflix docuseries captured the former actress recounting the surprising encounter with the monarch and her initial confusion regarding the requirement to curtsey. The Duchess’s candid revelations painted a picture of a woman thrust into a world that was unfamiliar to her, leading to moments of uncertainty and adjustment as she navigated her new role within the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s journey from a Hollywood actress to a senior member of the British royal family was a transformation filled with unexpected twists and turns. Her transition from a critic of royal customs to a participant in the grandeur of royal life highlighted the complexities of marrying into the monarchy. Despite her past reservations and lack of prior knowledge about the royal family, Meghan’s story serves as a reminder of the challenges and surprises that come with stepping onto the world stage as a duchess.

Meghan Markle’s experience as a member of the royal family offers a glimpse into the unpredictable nature of life in the spotlight and the unforeseen realities that can accompany marrying into royalty. Her candid reflections on her journey from a distant observer to an active participant within the monarchy underscore the complexities and adjustments that come with such a significant life change. Meghan’s story serves as a testament to the enduring allure and challenges of royal life, proving that even the most unexpected paths can lead to remarkable transformations.


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