The View Co-Hosts’ Fashion Commentary

The View Co-Hosts’ Fashion Commentary

During a recent episode of “The View,” Sara Haines wore a black leather midi skirt with slits on both sides, revealing her legs as she walked onto the stage. However, instead of focusing on the topic of discussion at hand, Haines chose to call out her fellow co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, for looking at her skirt. While Haines was laughing and pointing out their actions, Behar jokingly mentioned that the audience couldn’t see the skirt from behind the table. Despite the light-hearted banter, Goldberg continued teasing Haines about her outfit, leading to a funny exchange.

The Co-Hosts’ Fashion Roasts

It seems that poking fun at each other’s outfits is not an uncommon occurrence on “The View.” In the past, Behar has mocked Haines for resembling a “certain Christmas celebration” with her choice of attire. Similarly, Alyssa Farah Griffin became the butt of a joke when Behar compared her attire to that of an “airline stewardess.” The co-hosts seem to enjoy teasing each other about their fashion choices, creating a light-hearted and fun atmosphere on the show.

Reversal of Roles

Despite Behar’s knack for fashion commentary, she has also been on the receiving end of some playful banter. Ana Navarro once texted Behar to inform her that she looked like Steve Urkel in a pair of high-waisted red pants. This reversal of roles showcases the camaraderie and friendship that exists among the co-hosts of “The View,” as they are able to make jokes at each other’s expense without any hard feelings.

Overall, the fashion commentary on “The View” adds an element of humor and lightheartedness to the show, allowing the co-hosts to bond over their shared experiences and create moments of laughter for their audience. Despite the teasing and jesting, it is clear that the co-hosts have a deep respect and mutual admiration for each other, making their on-screen dynamic truly entertaining to watch.


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