This Teen’s Expensive Style Choices

This Teen’s Expensive Style Choices

In a recent Instagram Story shared by Khloé Kardashian, her nephew Mason Disick was seen flaunting his extravagant fashion taste. The 14-year-old son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick made a rare appearance showcasing his five-figure outfit, giving fans a glimpse into his luxurious style.

Khloé captured Mason sporting super-long jean shorts and Timberland boots, paired with a denim jacket from the high-end brand Chrome Hearts. The outfit included a belt with a silver buckle, rings, and a Rolex watch with a Tiffany blue face. Each item displayed by Mason came with a hefty price tag, further highlighting his expensive taste in fashion.

Mason’s affinity towards Chrome Hearts is evident not only through his clothing choices but also from his bar mitzvah themed after the brand. The Kardashian family’s association with luxury brands like Chrome Hearts reflects in Mason’s style preferences, showcasing his exposure to high-end fashion from a young age.

Despite keeping a low profile on social media and in the public eye, Mason has made occasional appearances at family gatherings and special occasions. His limited presence adds an air of mystery around the teen, leaving fans curious about his lifestyle and interests beyond the glimpses shared by his family members.

As Mason continues to grow and develop his personal style, there is speculation about whether he will share more of his fashion choices on platforms like Instagram. With a flair for expensive and designer clothing, the teen’s future ‘fit checks’ might become a trend among fashion enthusiasts and followers of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Mason Disick’s recent appearance on Instagram shed light on his extravagant fashion sense and penchant for luxury brands. From his Chrome Hearts themed bar mitzvah to his pricey attire, the teen exudes a taste for high-end fashion that resonates with his family’s association with luxury. Despite maintaining a low profile, Mason’s occasional appearances offer a glimpse into his lavish lifestyle, leaving fans intrigued about his future fashion moments on social media platforms.


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