Tom Cruise’s Birthday Tradition: Dakota Fanning’s Massive Shoe Collection

Tom Cruise’s Birthday Tradition: Dakota Fanning’s Massive Shoe Collection

Dakota Fanning recently shared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that Tom Cruise has been gifting her a new pair of shoes every year for her birthday. This tradition started when she was just 11 years old, after working together on the film “War of the Worlds.” Cruise initially gifted her a Motorola Razr as her first cell phone, a memory that Fanning cherishes to this day.

Since that first birthday gift from Cruise, Fanning has received a new pair of shoes every year. This has led to a massive shoe collection for the actress, who confesses that she has always had a love for shoes since she was young. Cruise’s choice of gift may seem random, but it is a thoughtful gesture that Fanning appreciates.

Tom Cruise is known for his generosity towards his friends and co-stars. From sending out lavish Christmas gifts to paying for co-stars to obtain pilot’s licenses, Cruise goes above and beyond to show his appreciation for those around him. Fanning’s story is just one example of Cruise’s kind and generous nature.

Despite working with major A-listers in Hollywood from a young age, Dakota Fanning admits that she still gets starstruck. However, her admiration is not often directed towards Hollywood stars but rather reality stars. Fanning reveals that she is a huge fan of Lisa Vanderpump and other Bravolebrities, showing that even celebrities can be fans of other celebrities.

Overall, the story of Tom Cruise’s birthday tradition with Dakota Fanning showcases the kind and generous nature of the Hollywood star. Through thoughtful and meaningful gifts, Cruise has created lasting memories for Fanning, while also exemplifying his generosity towards those he works with.


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