Tom Sandoval Rejects Ariana Madix’s Request to Sell Shared Home Amid Legal Battle

Tom Sandoval Rejects Ariana Madix’s Request to Sell Shared Home Amid Legal Battle

In a recent turn of events, Tom Sandoval has rejected Ariana Madix’s request to sell their shared home in Los Angeles after she filed a lawsuit against him. Court documents have revealed that Sandoval responded to Madix’s filing, claiming that she did not provide sufficient facts to support her cause of action. This legal battle has been ongoing since Madix filed the lawsuit in January, seeking to force Sandoval to give up the property through a court-ordered partition by sale.

Sandoval further claimed that Madix failed to mitigate the damages she suffered and did not act reasonably or in good faith in her filing. He has requested accounting and compensatory adjustments for any repairs and improvements he has made to the property to increase its value. Madix, on the other hand, has been pushing for the sale of the property following Sandoval’s months-long affair with their former co-star, Raquel Leviss. The couple, who purchased the property in 2019, broke up after the scandal came to light in March 2023 but continue to live together as they battle over their home.

Sandoval recently opened up about the challenges of living with Madix post-breakup, alleging that she had not paid any bills for about eight months. He claimed that he had to cover all expenses, including the mortgage, utilities, and cleaning, out of his own accounts to avoid potential eviction. Madix, on the other hand, stated that Sandoval had offered to pay her out of her share of the property, but she was not willing to move out and allow him to keep the house after his betrayal.

Overall, this legal battle between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix continues to unfold as they dispute the fate of their shared home in Los Angeles. The conflicting claims and counterclaims suggest a deep rift between the former couple, who must now navigate the complexities of co-ownership and financial obligations. As the case moves forward in court, the final decision on the sale of the property remains uncertain, leaving both parties in a state of legal limbo.


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