Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey Spotted Hanging Out in Malibu

Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey Spotted Hanging Out in Malibu

Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey were recently spotted hanging out together in Malibu, despite their Super Bowl rivalry. The two NFL superstars were seen enjoying each other’s company at Nobu in Malibu on a Wednesday. Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, and McCaffrey, the 49ers running back, seemed to be having a good time socializing with each other.

It was reported that Kelce arrived at the popular hotspot around 8 PM, coinciding with the arrival of McCaffrey and his fiancée, Olivia Culpo. The gathering seemed to be for a Dolce Glow product event, as several influencers and celebrities like Becky G, Chrissy Teigen, and Olivia’s sisters were also in attendance. Although Kelce’s reason for being there was unclear, he appeared to be part of the group.

After their time at the restaurant, Kelce and McCaffrey left in separate cars. Kelce, however, attempted to evade the paparazzi by passing through the kitchen on his way out around midnight. In contrast, McCaffrey and Culpo left through the standard route and did not shy away from being photographed. It seems that Kelce has developed a camera-shy side for some unknown reason.

Despite only meeting for the first time in 2023 offseason, Kelce and McCaffrey seem to have formed a bond that led to them hanging out shortly after the Super Bowl. With McCaffrey and Culpo’s wedding coming up, there is speculation that Kelce may have sought advice on proposing from the engaged couple. Some even speculate that Kelce and Taylor Swift may eventually tie the knot.

As Kelce continues to enjoy the off-season, he is seen bouncing around the country, attending various events and social gatherings. Despite his busy schedule, Kelce seems to find time to bond with other NFL stars like McCaffrey.

The encounter between Kelce and McCaffrey in Malibu shows that friendships can transcend rivalries in the world of professional sports. It is refreshing to see athletes coming together and enjoying each other’s company outside of the competitive environment of the football field.


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