Travis Kelce Praises Julia Roberts After Viral Interaction

Travis Kelce Praises Julia Roberts After Viral Interaction

Travis Kelce, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end, recently shared his experience of meeting actress Julia Roberts in Dublin, Ireland. Kelce described the encounter as “pretty cool,” praising the 56-year-old actress as “awesome.” The interaction between Kelce and Roberts took place during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show, where Roberts was seen having fun with Stevie Nicks in the VIP tent. A fan captured the moment and shared it online, causing a viral buzz.

Following the release of the footage, social media users had mixed reactions to the interaction between Roberts and Kelce. Some criticized Roberts for being “handsy” and making Kelce uncomfortable, while others came to her defense by pointing out that some people are naturally touchy and that Roberts is significantly older than Kelce. Comedian Nikki Glaser even went as far as to describe Roberts’ actions as “too much” in an Instagram Story video, with her parents joining in on the criticism.

Despite the online backlash, Kelce chose not to comment on the situation. Instead, he took the opportunity to praise Stevie Nicks, with whom he had a great time at Hacienda Bar after the show. Kelce expressed his admiration for Nicks, describing her as “awesome” and acknowledging the surreal experience of hanging out with such legendary artists.

Memorable Moments in Ireland

Reflecting on his time in Ireland, Kelce mentioned enjoying some Guinness beer and playing snooker. He described the trip as fun and a good time overall, highlighting the positive experiences he had while visiting the country. Kelce shared that his journey to Ireland was a spontaneous decision after attending a teammate’s wedding in California, where he surprised Taylor Swift by showing up to her performance.

Supporting Taylor Swift

Kelce, who has been dating Taylor Swift since July 2023, has been a dedicated fan of the singer. He attended all three of Swift’s London shows and even joined her on stage, showcasing his enthusiasm and admiration for her music. Kelce spoke about the joy he felt being able to perform with Swift and expressed his willingness to participate in any role she assigned him during the show.

Travis Kelce’s encounter with Julia Roberts may have sparked controversy online, but Kelce himself chose to focus on the positive aspects of his experience. From meeting legendary artists like Julia Roberts and Stevie Nicks to supporting his girlfriend Taylor Swift on stage, Kelce’s journey in Ireland was filled with memorable moments and exciting encounters. Despite the social media buzz surrounding his interaction with Roberts, Kelce remained appreciative of the opportunities he had and the fun times he shared during his trip to Ireland.


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