Travis Kelce Reveals His Lack of Interest in “Grey’s Anatomy” Despite Girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Obsession

Travis Kelce Reveals His Lack of Interest in “Grey’s Anatomy” Despite Girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Obsession

Travis Kelce recently admitted to “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Anthony Hill that he does not keep up with the medical drama, much to the surprise of many fans. Despite his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s evident obsession with the show, Kelce confessed his lack of interest in watching it. This revelation came during a meeting between Hill and Kelce at the Big Slick fundraiser event, which aimed to benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo.

During their encounter, Hill shared a selfie with Kelce on Instagram, humorously mentioning Swift’s love for “Grey’s Anatomy” in his caption. While many expected Kelce to be a fan of the show due to his relationship with Swift, he made it clear that he does not watch it, prompting Hill to jokingly encourage him to start. This missed opportunity for the couple to bond over TV shows surprised many, as Swift’s affection for “Grey’s Anatomy” has been well-documented over the years.

The Big Slick fundraiser event brought together a star-studded lineup of celebrities, including Kelce and Hill, to raise nearly $4 million for Children’s Mercy Hospital. The event featured activities such as softball games and interactions with fans, creating a fun and charitable atmosphere. While Swift was not in attendance due to her ongoing tour in Europe, she would have likely been thrilled to meet Hill, given her longstanding admiration for “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Taylor Swift’s connection to “Grey’s Anatomy” dates back to naming one of her cats Meredith Grey after the show’s iconic character. Over the years, she has expressed her love for the series, even fangirling over former cast member Sandra Oh at the Time 100 Gala in 2019. Swift’s passion for the TV drama has been evident throughout her career, as she reminisced about spending hours watching the show as a teenager during her speech at the event.

Travis Kelce’s revelation about his disinterest in “Grey’s Anatomy” despite Taylor Swift’s passion for the show showcases the differences in their TV preferences. While their relationship may not revolve around watching medical dramas together, their bond remains strong despite this discrepancy. The Big Slick fundraiser event provided a platform for celebrities to come together for a charitable cause, highlighting the significance of giving back to the community.


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