Trump Plans Big Fundraiser to Compete With Biden

Trump Plans Big Fundraiser to Compete With Biden

In the world of politics, fundraising events can make or break a campaign. Recently, Joe Biden’s extravagant event in New York City, which raised a staggering $26 million, has reportedly left Donald Trump envious and determined to organize a similar spectacle. Sources claim that Trump is planning multiple high-profile fundraisers to compete with Biden’s successful fundraiser that featured appearances by the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as celebrities from Hollywood, Broadway, and television.

According to an insider, Trump is aiming to host fundraisers that cater to a wider audience, not just the elite. The goal is to make the event accessible to people of all income levels, with tickets ranging from $100 to as high as $1 million. Venues such as Madison Square Garden or Yankee Stadium have been considered for these events, with the intention of surpassing Biden’s fundraising efforts.

Despite New York traditionally favoring Democratic candidates, sources close to Trump believe that the state could be competitive in the upcoming election. Trump’s team has reached out to Madison Square Garden about hosting a potential event, but nothing has been confirmed yet. While Biden has been leading the fundraising game with $155 million compared to Trump’s $42 million, Trump is confident that supporters’ wallets will start opening up.

In an effort to boost his campaign funds, Trump is relying on the support of wealthy donors. Billionaire John Paulson is set to host an event for Trump in Palm Beach, with attendees including prominent figures such as hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, Jets owner Woody Johnson, and casino magnates Steve Wynn and Phil Ruffin. The goal of the event is to raise $33 million, with additional plans for an exclusive fundraiser in the Hamptons.

While Trump may criticize Biden’s reliance on mega donors, he is building his own network of wealthy backers to finance his campaign. Despite facing legal challenges and a fundraising gap compared to Biden, Trump’s team remains confident in their ability to run an effective and successful campaign. The Republican National Committee and the campaign are prepared to compete against the deep pockets of Hollywood and Silicon Valley elites backing the Democratic Party.

Trump’s efforts to organize a massive fundraising event in New York City reflect his determination to compete with Biden’s successful campaign contributions. By appealing to a diverse range of donors and leveraging the support of wealthy backers, Trump hopes to narrow the fundraising gap and secure the financial resources needed to run a competitive election campaign. As the 2020 election approaches, the battle for campaign funds will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the political landscape.


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