Unveiling Aretha Franklin’s Self-Appreciation Through Photography

Unveiling Aretha Franklin’s Self-Appreciation Through Photography

Aretha Franklin, the iconic Queen of Soul, was not one to shy away from self-appreciation. Accounts from renowned celebrity photographer Matthew Jordan Smith shed light on the late Franklin’s unwavering confidence and admiration for herself during photoshoots.

The first time Smith photographed Franklin in 2005, he noticed her disinterest in the playlist he was playing, prompting him to inquire about her favorite new artist. To his surprise, Franklin responded with unwavering self-assurance, declaring herself as her own favorite artist. This revelation led Smith to create a playlist titled “Aretha Cool,” featuring Franklin’s iconic songs, which sparked a profound connection with the singer during photoshoots.

Smith’s recollections of Franklin singing along to her own songs during photoshoots offer a unique perspective into the singer’s relationship with her music. The intimate moments captured in Smith’s upcoming art photo book, “Aretha Cool,” showcase Franklin’s genuine love for her own music and the profound impact it had on her during photography sessions.

Despite Franklin’s passing in 2018, Smith’s dedication to honoring her legacy through his art continues. His upcoming book serves as a tribute to the legendary singer’s self-appreciation and the profound connection she had with her music. Through the release of “Aretha Cool” on March 15, fans and admirers alike can delve into the world of the Queen of Soul through the lens of a close collaborator.

Aretha Franklin’s unwavering self-appreciation and love for her music are brought to life through the eyes of Matthew Jordan Smith. The intimate moments captured in “Aretha Cool” offer a glimpse into the Queen of Soul’s world, showcasing her devotion to her craft and the profound impact her music had on her during photography sessions. Through Smith’s tribute, Franklin’s legacy continues to shine brightly in the realm of music and art.


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