Valerie Bertinelli Finds Trust Again in New Relationship

Valerie Bertinelli Finds Trust Again in New Relationship

Valerie Bertinelli, the 64-year-old Food Network alum, recently shared on social media about her journey to trust again in her new relationship with boyfriend Mike Goodnough. After going through a “toxic” relationship and subsequent divorce from Tom Vitale, Bertinelli is now learning to heal and trust once more.

Dealing with Past Demons

In her candid post on Instagram, Bertinelli admitted that although she thought she had conquered most of her demons, being in a new relationship has brought out triggers from past failed romances. Trusting again after having that trust destroyed is not an easy task, and Bertinelli is facing those challenges head-on as she navigates this new chapter in her life.

Despite the difficulties, Bertinelli praised her current beau, Mike Goodnough, for being a supportive and kind partner. She described him as thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, funny, and grateful, qualities that make him worth fighting her demons for. Embracing vulnerability and allowing herself to trust again is a brave step for Bertinelli, and she is grateful to have Goodnough by her side.

Valerie Bertinelli finalized her divorce from Tom Vitale in November 2022 after a decade of marriage. Prior to Vitale, Bertinelli was married to the late Eddie Van Halen from 1981 until 2007. Van Halen, a legendary rocker, passed away in October 2020 from cancer. Bertinelli and Van Halen share a son, Wolfgang, who is now 33 years old. Vitale, a financial planner and entrepreneur, had four children from a previous marriage.

Valerie Bertinelli’s journey to trust again in her new relationship with Mike Goodnough is a testament to her strength and resilience. Despite facing triggers from past failed romances and the challenges of rebuilding trust, Bertinelli is committed to healing and embracing vulnerability. With Goodnough by her side, Bertinelli is hopeful for a brighter future filled with love and understanding.


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