Who Will Reign Supreme in the TV Courtroom Battle?

Who Will Reign Supreme in the TV Courtroom Battle?

The television landscape is about to get interesting this fall with the return of Judge Judy Sheindlin to linear television. Sheindlin, the highest-paid TV jurist, ended her syndicated courtroom series “Judge Judy” after 25 successful seasons with CBS in 2021. However, she is now back with a new show called “Judy Justice,” which is set to compete with CBS reruns of her old show. This move has created a showdown in the TV courtroom genre, leaving audiences wondering who will come out on top.

CBS had hoped to capitalize on local markets buying up reruns of Sheindlin’s original show, “Judge Judy.” However, they were taken by surprise when Sheindlin and her executive producer, Scott Koondel, introduced “Judy Justice” to the market. This left CBS in a difficult position, as they were left selling repeats of “Judge Judy,” which had less value compared to the new and original content offered by “Judy Justice.” Variety reported that CBS is now trying to secure prime timeslots and top dollar for their reruns, while “Judy Justice” aims to take over the best stations and timeslots in the market.

Missed Opportunities

There were talks of “Judy Justice” potentially replacing CBS’s long-running daytime chat series, “The Talk.” However, CBS’s syndication division already owned the rights to the library of the original show, making it challenging for them to make space for a new program. Despite the potential synergy between “Judy Justice” and CBS, the network seemed unprepared for the competition and missed out on a unique opportunity to revamp their daytime programming lineup.

Despite the competition between CBS and “Judy Justice,” one thing remains clear – Judge Judy Sheindlin has a massive and loyal audience. Sheindlin’s executive producer described her as a “juggernaut” who has the ability to draw crowds no matter where she appears. Her transition from broadcast to streaming to cable showcases the strength of her brand and the dedication of her fanbase. For New Yorkers, they can catch “Judy Justice” at 3 p.m. on Pix 11, while also enjoying reruns of “Judge Judy” on CBS stations. Even Jay-Z, a noted Judy fan, is sure to be pleased with this lineup.

As the TV courtroom battle heats up this fall, audiences will be treated to a showdown between CBS reruns of “Judge Judy” and the new “Judy Justice” series. While CBS may have underestimated the power of Judge Judy Sheindlin and her new show, “Judy Justice” is poised to make a significant impact on the television landscape. Only time will tell which show will ultimately reign supreme in the courtroom genre.


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