Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Marriage and Hookups: Why She’s Still Against Marriage

Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Marriage and Hookups: Why She’s Still Against Marriage

Whoopi Goldberg, known for her role in “Sister Act”, has never been a fan of marriage. Despite having a wonderful family with kids, grandkids, and even a great-grandkid, she still feels that she doesn’t have time for other people in her life. She shared on “The Don Lemon Show” that she is fundamentally a selfish person and doesn’t see herself settling down with anyone else.

Goldberg admitted that she enjoys “hit-and-run” hookups, where there is no commitment and no expectations. She emphasized that she prefers this kind of arrangement and doesn’t like the idea of spending the night with someone. When asked if these hookups still happen, she confirmed that they do and even had to give herself permission to express her true feelings due to societal stigma.

The actress revealed that she struggled with the idea of marriage because she felt pressured to conform to societal norms. She mentioned that she felt like she had to figure out marriage because she saw other people’s happiness in their relationships. However, she eventually realized that marriage was not what she wanted and that she was content with hit-and-run hookups instead.

At 68 years old, Whoopi Goldberg made it clear that she doesn’t have time for the give and take of marriage anymore. She expressed that marriage requires a lot of effort and compromise, which she is not willing to invest in at this point in her life. She prefers the freedom to see someone when she wants to and then have them leave when she’s done.

Goldberg has been open about her three marriages and divorces in the past. Her first marriage to Alvin Martin when she was 18 ended in divorce after six years. Her second marriage to David Claessen also ended in divorce two years later. Her third marriage to Lyle Trachtenberg lasted only one year. Despite these failed marriages, Goldberg remains firm in her stance against marriage.

Whoopi Goldberg’s candidness about her disinterest in marriage and preference for hit-and-run hookups showcases her strong sense of self-awareness and courage to defy societal expectations. Her journey to self-discovery serves as a reminder that it’s important to prioritize personal happiness and fulfillment above societal pressures.


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