Why Bronny James Should Consider Staying in College Another Year

Why Bronny James Should Consider Staying in College Another Year

Bronny James recently announced his plans to enter the NBA Draft while still keeping his options open by maintaining his NCAA eligibility and entering the transfer portal. This move has sparked a debate among basketball fans and experts about what the best decision for the young hooper would be.

Byron Scott, a former NBA player and coach, believes that Bronny is doing the right thing by exploring his opportunities. Scott thinks that it’s wise for James to keep his doors open and see where he can potentially get drafted. However, Scott also suggests that staying in school for another year wouldn’t hurt and could actually benefit Bronny in the long run.

Scott acknowledges that Bronny James already possesses great skills and a high basketball IQ. However, he believes that one more year of college could help solidify his position in the next NBA Draft. Being featured in a college basketball program could further elevate his game and prepare him for the professional level.

Scott even goes as far as speculating on potential schools that would be a good fit for Bronny. Additionally, he addresses the immense pressure that comes with being the son of a basketball legend like LeBron James. The expectations and scrutiny on Bronny are undoubtedly high, and taking more time to develop his game in college could alleviate some of that pressure.

While entering the NBA Draft is undoubtedly an exciting opportunity for Bronny James, staying in college for another year could be a strategic move for his long-term development as a player. With his talent and potential, taking the time to further refine his skills in a college basketball setting could ultimately benefit his career in the NBA. It is a decision that requires careful consideration, weighing the pros and cons of each path before making a final choice. Only time will tell what the future holds for Bronny James, but whatever decision he makes, it is certain that his talent and dedication to the game will continue to garner attention and admiration from basketball fans around the world.


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