Why Kanye West’s Comment About Michelle Obama is Inappropriate

Why Kanye West’s Comment About Michelle Obama is Inappropriate

Kanye West recently made a controversial statement on Justin Laboy’s podcast, where he ranked Michelle Obama as his number one choice for a threesome with his wife, Bianca Censori. Although it may seem like Kanye was joking, his comment was highly inappropriate and garnered laughter from both Justin and Kanye.

One must question why Kanye chose Michelle Obama out of all the possible options for his fantasy threesome. Kanye’s history with the former President Barack Obama adds another layer of complexity to his choice. Despite both men having roots in Chicago, their relationship has soured over the years, particularly after Obama publicly called Kanye a “jackass”.

While it is clear that Kanye’s statement was meant to be taken lightly, it still crosses a line of decency. Referring to having a sexual encounter with the former First Lady of the United States is disrespectful and inappropriate. Kanye may have made the comment in jest, but it still leaves a distasteful impression.

Kanye’s strained relationship with Barack Obama further complicates the situation. Kanye has openly expressed his disappointment in Obama’s criticism of him and how it has affected their once-friendly relationship. The public nature of their falling out adds another layer of scrutiny to Kanye’s choice of Michelle Obama for his hypothetical threesome.

Kanye West’s comment about Michelle Obama may have been made in jest, but it still reflects poorly on his judgment and respect for others. His history with Barack Obama only adds to the controversy surrounding his statement. Moving forward, Kanye should be more mindful of the impact his words may have and strive to show more respect towards public figures, especially former First Ladies.


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