Why Martha Stewart is the Ultimate Drag Queen Icon

Why Martha Stewart is the Ultimate Drag Queen Icon

When it comes to drag performances, Martha Stewart seems to be the clear favorite among fans. Ryan Raftery, known for his “Titans of Media Trilogy” at Joe’s Pub, has noticed a significant difference in interest between Stewart, Kris Jenner, and Anna Wintour. According to Raftery, Stewart’s show has sold out, while Wintour’s has come close to selling out, and Jenner’s sales have been just okay. Raftery believes that the reason for Stewart’s popularity over Jenner lies in the fact that she is perceived as campier and funnier. Additionally, the Kardashian brand may be seen as overexposed, contributing to Jenner’s lackluster ticket sales.

Raftery’s shows have attracted a slew of celebrity fans, including Bernadette Peters, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Patricia Field. Not to mention, his recent residency at Joe’s Pub has drawn in notable personalities like Sandra Lee, Titus Burgess, and “Traitors” star Peppermint. Even Stewart’s designer friend Michael Kors has shown his support by attending one of Raftery’s performances. Kors shared anecdotes of his experiences with Stewart, further solidifying the bond between the performer and his subjects.

Raftery’s encounter with Stewart at Fern Mallis’s conversation series revealed the domestic diva’s initial hesitance to attend his show. Despite being advised against it, Stewart’s associates, including her hot gardener, have tuned in to Raftery’s portrayals of her. The fact that Stewart’s former brand owner, Sequential Brands, comprised almost half of the audience at one of Raftery’s shows indicates the impact and resonance of his performances.

Martha Stewart as the Drag Queen Darling

In the realm of drag performances, Martha Stewart has emerged as the standout figure, captivating audiences with her wit and charm. Ryan Raftery’s dedication to bringing Stewart, Kris Jenner, and Anna Wintour to life on stage has shed light on the enduring appeal of the domestic goddess. Through his “Titans of Media Trilogy,” Raftery has cemented Stewart’s status as the ultimate drag queen icon, winning over fans and celebrities alike with his captivating portrayals. With Stewart’s unwavering popularity and Raftery’s exceptional talent, it’s clear that the world of drag has found a new queen in Martha Stewart.


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