Why Steph Curry Would Make a Great Politician According to Danny Green

Why Steph Curry Would Make a Great Politician According to Danny Green

Recently, Steph Curry made headlines when he mentioned the possibility of running for political office after his basketball career comes to an end. During an interview on “CBS Mornings,” Curry expressed his openness to a position in the government. This revelation sparked a conversation about the potential for Curry to transition from the basketball court to the political arena.

In response to Curry’s political aspirations, NBA player Danny Green voiced his support for the idea. Green, an experienced player who has spent time on multiple teams, including the 76ers, believes that Curry would be an excellent candidate from the league to pursue a career in politics. Green expressed that he would 100 percent support Curry if he were to run for office, citing Curry’s character and values as reasons for his endorsement.

According to Green, Curry possesses the qualities that would make him a successful politician. Green highlighted Curry’s integrity, spirituality, and the positive way in which he utilizes his platform for meaningful causes. Green praised Curry as a good human being and emphasized the fact that Curry consistently does things the right way. It is clear that Green holds Curry in high regard and sees him as a deserving candidate for a political role.

Green acknowledged that pursuing a career in politics after retiring from basketball is not an easy path to take. However, he believes that Curry has what it takes to navigate the challenges that come with transitioning to a new career. Green’s endorsement of Curry demonstrates his confidence in Curry’s ability to succeed in politics and make a positive impact.

As a final nod to Curry’s potential political future, Green mentioned which NBA player he would like to see as Curry’s running mate. One of the names he mentioned happened to be one of Curry’s former teammates, emphasizing the camaraderie and support that exists within the NBA community. Green’s suggestion hints at the idea of a collaborative effort among NBA players in the realm of politics.

The idea of Steph Curry entering politics has sparked excitement and speculation within the NBA community. Danny Green’s endorsement of Curry as a potential politician sheds light on the qualities that make Curry a compelling candidate. If Curry does decide to pursue a career in politics, he will have the support of not only his fans but also his peers in the NBA.


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